In order to manufacture quality products, we have invested a lot of assets in purchasing knitting equipment of the latest generation produced by the world famous brands in the knitting machinery. The knitting core consists of 40 circular-knitting Japanese machines Nagata, the latest model. These are high performance single cylinder 156-needle and 120-needle machines designed to produce high quality male and female socks. They are automatically operated and adjust the needles and cams electronically from both the cylinder and the thread ripper. They are equipped with thread guides for elastomer and a heel thickening device. There are unlimited opportunities for sampling and quick change of models.
In order to manufacture socks with discreet, delicate stitches, we trust the best toe close machinery – the Italian expert in machine manufacturing Conti Complett and Rosso.
Our socks come out of the production line perfectly smooth thanks to the machines of Mucchetti – Italy and E.R.M.E.S.T – France, who are proven globally.

But we don’t stop here! To improve the quality of our production, we are supplied with equipment for the further processing of the finished products – Dryer tumblers of the brand Tupesa.
And for even greater reliability for our clients, each pair of socks passes through a metal check detector before being packaged.

Knitting socks

Knitting socks is our main production. It is organized in an almost continuous mode of operation, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The factory’s monthly capacity is about 200,000 pairs of socks, 170,000 of which are male and female socks, plus 30,000 pairs of socks. The high-tech machines we work with provide amazing creativity opportunities. We produce a wide variety of models and types: sneaker socks, ankle socks, crew socks, tennis socks, ski socks, hi-tech socks, compress socks, applying the technology and professionalism of our team. Each of the offered types can be manufactured in 6 colors (1 base and 5 extra), the options are: plain, terry and selection terry socks