The web site you are viewing is managed by MEZARI Ltd. with UIC 200827482 (hereinafter referred to as the Company or MEZARI Ltd for short).

MEZARI Ltd. accepts as its priority not only the provision of quality service to its customers but also the protection of confidentiality of their personal data. For that reason, it has initiated a number of legal and technical activities in accordance to the new legal framework in the field of personal data, which has started being applied by the General Protection Regulation of personal data (EU) 2016/679 (the Regulation for short).

This current privacy policy came into force on June 1, 2019, and aims to inform you about what personal data we collect in the capacity of an administrator, for what purpose, terms, the rights you have, and how legislation protects these rights.

I. What kind of personal data we collect

 MEZARI Ltd. collects, uses, stores and transfers different types of the personal data of their customers:

  • three names;
  • contact details;
  • telephone;
  • e-mail;
  • economic identity data: bank information (bank accounts, cards);

When the web page of MESARI Ltd. is being used, it is possible that information about the IP address of your computer (or other electronic device connected to Internet) is collected. A Google Analytics code has been added to the site for statistic purposes. Through the aforesaid code data are tracked about the location of the site’s visits, the demographic data, time spent in the site, data about your provider, operating system, browser type, domain name, time of visits of the page, etc. You can deny access to using your data from Google Analytics through Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, which you can download and install on the web browser you are using.

By using the site of MEZARI Ltd. you declare that you are at the age of 18 and/or older.

If you refuse to provide your personal data, we will not be able to provide you the information and services subject of our activity.

II. How we collect your personal data

 MEZARI Ltd. collects personal data personally from the data subjects by various methods, such as: direct communication with the client, via its web page, in the Company’s office, by e-mail.

III. How we use your personal data 

When processing your personal data MEZARI Ltd. and its employees strictly follow these principles:

  • The data are processed only in the presence of a legal, contractual basis or with the explicit consent of the data’s subject;
  • The data are processed for specific purposes and in a manner consistent with these purposes;
  • The data being processed are specific and accurate;
  • The data are processed in the volume that is required for the performance the relevant objective;
  • The data are deleted or corrected if not accurate;
  • The data are processed for a period no longer than they are required for the purpose they have been collected.

MEZARI Ltd. processes the personal data autonomously or through assignment to data processors, defining the objectives and the volume of the obligations under the requirements of the Regulation and complying with the national legislation.

Data processors on behalf of MEZARI Ltd. are, for example, accounting houses, accounting and other software providers, marketing companies, companies supplying materials to the factory, whose rights and obligations in relation to the processing of personal data of individuals are duly regulated in separate written contracts. The Company has signed the necessary contracts to protect their customers’ personal data. If you want to get acquainted with the terms of these contracts in the privacy section you can contact the marketing companies through the contact information provided in our site.

IV.The purposes of personal data processing 

With respect to our clients, MEZARI Ltd. collects and processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • To sign and execute a contract for a purchase of a product / service
  • To make a payment;
  • To issue accounting documents for any payments made;
  • To contact you;
  • For marketing and advertising purposes – only if we have your explicit consent.

V. The use of personal data for another purpose (apart from the original purpose)

The Company declares that the personal data are processed only for the purposes for which they have been originally collected. If the need arises to process the data collected for another purpose, the Company will make an individual assessment of the compatibility of the objectives for each particular case and, if necessary, look for agreement of its data subjects in clear and concise form.

VI. Reasons for processing personal data 

  • Pre-contractual relations and contracting with you;
  • Consent (when making a request, sending a newsletter, registering a profile, transmitting data to a third party, in case when the third party does not have a permission from the European Commission to provide an adequate level of data protection);
  • To protect our legitimate interests (while collecting information about preferences in order to personalize our services).

VII. Terms (time) of storing your personal data

We store your personal data:

  • According to contracts – within the statutory limitation periods after the performance of the contract;
  • The data necessary for financial and accounting purposes – in the terms stipulated by the Accountancy Act;
  • For statistical purposes – only after their anonymisation.

In cases of lack of legal terms, we store your personal data for a reasonable period of time determined on the basis of additional criteria. Time determining criteria are consistent with our desire to provide you with high-quality services.

When the personal data we collect are no longer necessary for the purposes mentioned, we delete or destroy them in another appropriate manner.

VIII. Disclosure of personal data

In order to provide the products and services you desire, we provide your personal data to:

  • The traders that you have signed a contract with;
  • The users that you have signed a contract with;
  • The National Revenue Agency, Consumer Protection Commission and other recipients established by law.

When we share personal data with other organizations, we require that they store the information with maximum level of organizational and technical security, and they cannot use your personal data for their own marketing purposes. We only share minimum personal information that allows our suppliers and partners provide you with our services.

IX. Cookies 

In order to improve the use of its site, MEZARI Ltd. may use cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They allow the website to keep your personal data for a certain period of time so you do not have to enter each time you visit the site or switch from one page to another. Also, cookies notify you about the accomplished collection of personal data.

Cookies contain personal information – if you click on the “Remember me” box when you log in, the cookies will remember your username.

We use important and functional cookies. Important cookies let us identify the registered users as well as ensure that they are able to use the site’s options – such as leaving comments. It is possible that the advertisers of the site use their own cookies to show you their ads.

You can change the settings or disable the cookies we use. You can do this through the settings of the Internet browser you are using. Please keep in mind that if you choose to stop the cookies, some sections of our site may stop working properly.

X. Links to other web pages 

The web page of MESARI Ltd. may contain links to other pages and third-party applications. Clicking on these links may allow these third parties to collect or share data about you. MEZARI Ltd. does not control these web pages and is not responsible for their data protection policies. It is therefore advisable to take a closer look at their policies.

XI. Rights of data subjects 

Individuals whose personal data are being processed have the following rights:

  • Right to access to your personal data: you have the right to receive confirmation from us whether personal data about you are processed and, if this is the case, you have the right to access personal data and information.
  • Personal data correction right: if you find out that the personal data we are processing about you are inaccurate, you have the right to make us correct that personal data.
  • The right to delete personal data (the right to be forgotten): in certain circumstances, for example if your personal data have been processed illegally or you have withdrawn your consent (in case the processing of personal data is based on consent), you have the right to request and get your personal information deleted by us.
  • Right to limitation of processing: in certain circumstances, such as if you have doubts about the accuracy of your personal data or you have objected to our legitimate purpose to process your personal data, you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data until a solution is found.
  • Right to objection to processing: in certain circumstances, such as if you have doubts about our legitimate interest to process your personal data; you have the right to object, for reasons concerning your specific situation, to such processing.
  • Right to data portability: if your personal data is processed automatically with your consent or in order to perform our contractual relations, you have the right to request that we provide you with your personal data in a machine readable format for transfer to another data controller.
  • Right to submit a complaint to a controlling authority: you have the right to file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by us before the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) – 2, Prof. Tzvetan Lazarov Boulevard, Sofia, 1592 or

The Company will assist the data subjects in exercising their rights by informing them about these rights, striving to satisfy their claims and responding within the statutory timeframe when these requirements are righteous.

XII. Personal data protection measures 

MEZARI Ltd. takes technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your data from illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction, damage or disclosure. Also, the company has limited access to personal data to those employees, subcontractors and other third parties who need this access for the purposes of their activities and for the fulfillment of their official duties. They also have the obligation to protect the confidentiality of your data.