In the 14th century an English gentleman named Mr. Sock exclaimed: “For God’s sake! I’m sick and tired of my bloody frozen feet while sailing in the sea! Is it worth it?” Therefore, he started planning and designed an invention to keep his feet warm in cold and damp weather. Unfortunately, however, he had passed before his project saw white light. Years later, Mrs. Sock found his drawings and accomplished the project. The rest, they say, is history.

What’s our story?

In 2003 the founder of MEZARI Ltd. became acquainted with the specifics of the production of socks. In other words, observing the production cycle, he fell in love with the idea to start his own sock business, so in 2007, having gained experience and knowledge, he decided to take the first steps towards creating his own sock production factory.
MEZARI Ltd. was founded in 2009 and two years later the factory was working with new production equipment.
In 2017, MEZARI bought the assets of another enterprise and successfully closed the cycle of the production process.
Today we produce the part of your underwear that no self-respecting person should make compromise with.

Our technological advantages

They are automatically operated and adjust the needles and cams electronically from both the cylinder and the thread ripper.


Applying the technology and professionalism of our team, we produce a wide variety of types and models.


We are business experts and appreciate the advantages of efficient logistics for the development of any successful enterprise.

Production base

We know how to give them this comfort because we know how to make socks and we are doing it professionally and with care for your feet!


We produce socks of undeniable quality, with raw materials delivered by proven suppliers from Turkey, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria.


Our factory has the necessary equipment to accomplish your requirements for an individual order.